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WEB150812 - Post Conference Webinar: Reporting and Refining Best Practice: Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (MARSI)
Wednesday, August 12th, 1:00-2:00 PM  Eastern Time (US & Canada)
This webinar will summarize results obtained from the live and remote participants of the consensus symposia. Attendees will continue the work of the consensus conference and develop additional statements. Attend this webinar to contribute to the evidence base for our specialty.

  • Describe 3 key WOC specific best practices related to medical adhesive related skin injury (MARSI)
  • Describe strategies to prevent medical adhesive related skin injury (MARSI)


IMPORTANT: Please complete this survey 
Following the presentation, attendees will participate in a facilitated virtual consensus conference as we attempt to modify additional general statements to make them specifically applicable to the practice areas of wound and continence care. This survey contains the four (4) statements we hope to modify and make more relevant to the WOC nursing practice. Prior to the virtual consensus conference on August 12, you are asked to either accept, reject or suggest modifications that would make the statement acceptable to you. Participation in this pre-conference activity will improve our efficiency during the virtual session.
We need your voice-and votes! Help to define WOC Nursing practice in the area of medical adhesives and change patient outcomes!

This webinar series is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from 3M Health Care. 

Laurie McNichol, MSN, RN, GNP, CWOCN, CWON-AP
Stephanie Yates, MSN, RN, CWOCN, ANP-BC
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