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2013 VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference
2014 VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference
2015 VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference
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"Check" your Way to Happier Clients and A Better Bottom Line
20 Management Metrics in 50 Minutes
2014 Insiders' Insights Summary -- What did we learn to help us in 2015?
2014 Insiders' Insights Summary -- What did we learn to help us in 2015?
Applying "V" Formation Principles
Attracting Strong Veterinary Technician Applicants in a Hot Job Market
Care and Control of Employee Records
Creating a Mindset for Change and Innovation
Creating An Effective Emergency Nurse-Technician Training Program
Creating Consistency in Revenue and Expenses Categorization
Dealing with Clients in the Age of Internet
Disaster Preparation for Veterinary Hospitals
Don't Make these Mistakes on Social Media!
DVM Compensation, Commission-Based Pay
DVM Compensation, Commission-Based Pay
Emerging Technologies for Emergency and Referral Practices
Establishing a Safety Culture for Your Practice
Facebook Facelifts
Federal Healthcare Reform: 2016 Challenges and Solutions
Federal Healthcare Reform: Challenges and Solutions
Finance 202: Financial Literacy Beyond the Basics
Get on Google's First Page and Double Your Patients
Helping Your Staff Talk About Money
How to Know Your Financial Statements are Solid
How to Know Your Financial Statements are Solid
Human Resources: Departments of One
Increase Profits by Managing Expenses
Information Technology Points of Failure
Insiders' Insight Benchmark Update
Insurance & Protection: What You May Not Know
Inventory 202
IT, What is "IT"?
Leading from Potential to Performance
Manager Compensation - Cause and Effect
Maximizing Marketing ROI: Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns and Wellness "Plans"
Monitoring Practice Profitability
Overtime Changes, Understanding the New Rules
Perfecting the Performance Review
Practice Finances - New Concepts for Old Problems
Practicing at the Speed of Trust
Recruit them Right! Retain them Forever!
Recruit them Right! Retain them Forever!
Risk Management
Six Steps to Build Employee Engagement
Six Steps to Build Employee Engagement
Staffing the Emergency Practice: A Jigsaw Puzzle that is Fun to Build
Talking to your Owner about Financials
Team Synergy
The Changing Face of General Practice: What You Need to Know NOW
The Future of Emergency and Referral Veterinary Practice
The Healthy Workplace: A Team Approach to Better Culture, Medicine and Business
Trends an Insiders' Insight Update
Using Your Profit and Loss Statement to Create a Budget
Wellness Plans: Case Studies Reveal Financial Implications
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Kathy Stinson
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