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New Employee Orientation and On-boarding: Do it Right and Retain; Do it Wrong and Repeat! 
December 6, 2017   1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Ask anyone from a veterinary practice and they are likely to tell you that they are actively recruiting new team members of all types. The veterinary profession is constantly challenged with recruiting and retaining talented employees and the talent shortage is palpable. For hospitals to be successful they must focus their efforts on retaining the best people. While there is no magic bullet for recruiting, orientation can be the magic bullet for retention.

Research shows us that 69% of employees who have a good orientation and on-boarding experience will stay for an average of three years. As leaders we get overwhelmed with the pace of replacing team members and keeping up with operations, and ironically, our orientation processes suffer first. Orientation is the most pivotal training period of the employment cycle, so if we fail to do it well, the vicious cycle of turnover repeats! This session will cover:

  • Three questions all new team members want to know
  • Your role as the Manager
  • Setting timelines and roadmaps
  • Improving the orientation experience by using the social component of learning
  • Fresh ideas from your colleagues who have mastered the orientation process

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