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Client's Ability and Willingness to Pay for Pet Care: Understanding the Economic Conditions 
September 21, 2017   1:00pm - 2:00pm
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The cost of veterinary care has increased over the past several years and although clients love their pets, they are seldom enamored with spending money on pricey veterinary services. These charges are often met with surprise as it is uncommon for clients to adequately budget for pet care. When costs are discussed, clients ---ill-prepared to assume the expense --- may respond by objecting to services. The behavior is fairly typical of how consumers react to high-priced purchases in general.


An objective review of today’s economic conditions will be presented along with a discussion about the inaccurate stereotypes that have driven our past behaviors.


The presentation will conclude with an overview of how other industries deal with consumers who are unable to remit full payment at the time services are provided. These examples will offer guidance to the veterinary profession as it attempts to alleviate the problem and attract new clients.


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