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Attracting Strong Veterinary Technician Applicants in a Hot Job Market 
December 8, 2016   1:00pm - 2:00pm
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As Campus Director for one of the oldest and largest veterinary technician training programs, I constantly hear from employers about how hard it is to attract enough credentialed techs to their hospitals, research centers, not-for-profits, and other animal-focused businesses. The shortage of veterinary technicians has become much more pronounced over the last few years, but there are actions you can take not only to capture the attention of job-seekers, but also to retain your current technicians and attract potential future employees to the field of veterinary medicine.

Learn about:

  • Why there is a shortage of credentialed veterinary technicians.
  • How the veterinary technician job market has been impacted by the shortage.
  • What you can do to attract veterinary technicians to your business.
  • How to keep your quality technicians engaged long-term.
  • Ways veterinary professionals can make a difference in driving potential candidates to a career in veterinary technology.

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