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2013 VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference
September 26, 2013 - September 29, 2013
4 Sessions, 6 Speakers

VHMA's 2013 "Ideas that Impact" Annual Meeting and Conference was created to provide cutting edge ideas on critical topics that veterinary practice management professionals need NOW to transform the efficiency, profitability and marketability of their veterinary hospitals and clinics.

The only conference of its kind by managers for managers, "Ideas that Impact" will empower you to learn from industry experts, discover results-driven strategies for managing successful practices and network with colleagues in the field.

We are confident the 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference will be VHMA's best meeting yet! Come join us as and learn about what VHMA has to offer you, your staff and your practice!

2013 Entire Conference
4 Sessions

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