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Continuing Education Opportunities
January 10, 2013 - January 13, 2013
41 Sessions, 41 Speakers
Continuing Education Opportunities are a valuable way for coaches to learn more about what matters most to them. The recorded Convention sessions within this library offer a variety of topics for coaches to choose from. If you are seeking CEO credits towards a US Lacrosse Coaching Certification, please complete the evaluation at the conclusion of the course and then email a copy of your certificate of completion to
All CEO Sessions
41 Sessions
Package of selected sessions from the 2013 Conference.
All Coaches CEO Sessions
4 Sessions
Mens Game CEO Sessions
17 Sessions
Womens Game CEO Sessions
20 Sessions

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Complete Defensive Package
Settled Attack
3v3 On The Draw
Team Offense (w Lindsay Lowman; Jessica Smith)
Individual & Team Defense (w Paige Messersmith)