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Friday, August 14, 2015
Wire Me and Inspire Me – A Panel Discussion
Twenty-first century classroom instruction has a different feel, right? It’s electric. It’s incredibly energizing! And it involves technology! How has technology impacted teaching and learning? What are the needs of today’s learners? And how can classroom professors effectively meet the needs of today’s learners while using technology as a tool to help maximize learning? Get answers to these questions, and get to know the presenters and their respective points of view prior to attending their sessions. This lively panel discussion is designed to get you wired right off the bat and will keep you inspired throughout the online conference.
Damon Givehand, Professional Educator , Cengage Learning/TeamUP
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins, Senior Professional Educator, Cengage Learning/TeamUP
Shelley Rodrigo, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Media
Greg Rivera, Senior Professional Educator , Cengage Learning/TeamUP
Bonnie Tensen, Professor of English
Reenergizing Online Discussions
The online forum (or discussion board) is one of the most frequently used tools in online courses, but too often student discussions become repetitive and/or lackluster because students are not motivated to meaningfully engage. This webinar offers specific guidelines (the use of groups, distinctive prompts, robust directions, and well-defined assessment criteria) for creating online discussions that require cogent textual analysis and critical thinking and encourage more substantive interaction with peers.
Lost & Found in a Wonderland of Mobile Learning
Just like Alice, many instructors are lost in the wonderland of teaching and learning with mobile devices. This webinar is an excuse to wander around in this Mobileland, get lost, hopefully get found, and learn a little along the way. Participants will play with as well as collect example course activities for the following types of mobile applications/activities: QR codes, audio and visual recording, back-channeling, and geo-spatial awareness.
The MindTap eBook: Lean, Green, and Improving the Learning Scene
Would you like to know how MindTap can be used to keep your students engaged in the course material through the end of the semester AND prepare them to finish successfully? If so, join this webinar and learn ways to customize course content in the interactive eBook and become similar to a co-author of the text. I’ll share strategies for engaging students and improving their learning experience with the content while achieving the kind of preparedness that will have you and your students singing victory songs on the last day of class.
Closing Session
Join us to conclude the event with a THANK YOU to the participants and our presenters for a fabulous and engaging day rich with information, ideas, and inspiration. We’ll also announce the winners from the Tweet Wall and the random drawing.