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M.K. McGee

M.K. McGee has taught all levels of math for 20 years. Her career began at the High School level, where she learned the importance of keeping it fresh and fun for her students with active learning. Eventually M.K. moved to the college teaching level, and carried many of these teaching strategies with her. M.K. generally teaches developmental math courses, with a few Statistics or calculus courses thrown in. She enjoys employing both traditional and nontraditional methods to teach her students, including active learning and technology. M.K. has also taught math courses online for more than five years. M.K. has Master’s degrees from Doane College (M.Ed) and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (M.S. Math). She is married with two daughters, and she enjoys running, reading, and knitting. M.K. is also an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and enjoys officiating basketball during the winter months.