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Jennie Middleton

Jennie Middleton (ESFJ) has been teaching Student Life Skills courses (College Success and Introduction to College Life) for over 10 years at Seminole State College of Florida. Her passion for teaching is better reflected as coaching: Teaching, training or developing students in a supportive environment while achieving a specific result. Her goal is to teach life skills using multiple methods to satisfy multiple students. College success skills can be taught, but learning styles need to be discovered. Once students discover this, they learn to work with themselves, not against. Watching students figure this out is one of her greatest joys! On a recent course evaluation a student described Professor Middleton as a “half human, half animated cartoon, which makes learning really fun.” She serves as a Co-Faculty Advisor for the Non-Traditional Student Club at SSC. She has been a faculty advisor and reviewer for Becoming a Master Student (Cengage) and has been a presenter at previous college success conferences.     [ Click for More ]