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William Thelin

William H. Thelin is the Chair of the English Department at The University of Akron. He received his Ph.
D. at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he studied writing pedagogy within the context of
linguistics and rhetoric. He earned tenure at the University of Cincinnati, teaching Basic Writing and
Composition in the open admissions wing of the campus for 7 years before accepting the position of
Director of Composition at The University of Akron in 2001. He held that post for 8 years and was
promoted to full professor in 2010. He has published articles in several journals, among them College
English, College Composition and Communication, and Teaching English in the Two-Year College. He is
the co-editor of the journal Open Words and serves as the chair of the Working-Class Culture and
Pedagogy sig of the 4C’s. He has published two books—the collection Blundering for a Change (coedited with John Tassoni) and the textbook, Writing Without Formulas.     [ Click for More ]

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