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Rebecca Busacca

Rebecca Busacca is the President and Founder of Accreditation Training Advisors which has offices in Washington, DC and Hong Kong, China.  She is a business development specialist for Dr. William Glasser offering Choice Theory training to the Department of Rehabilitative Services, Department of Labor and the Department of Social Services.  She offers more than 18 years of experience in accreditation, postsecondary education, ISO quality control, and business development.  Mrs. Busacca served a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency for nearly 13 years as a Senior Accreditation Manager and was responsible for the accreditation process for all institutions, staff resources and internal training.  As Director of ISO, her responsibilities included developing internal operating procedures, maintaining the Quality Manual and conducting audits for all of the ISO standards.  She taught and coordinated 75+ accreditation training workshops and acted as a Commission Representative for hundreds of site evaluations to schools around the globe.     [ Click for More ]

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