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Margaret de la M

Margaret de la M is a native-born Californian who loves southern California and never plans to leave she grew up, was educated, and raised her family there, and completed a Masters in Rhetoric/Composition that led to 20+ years teaching basic composition and study skills. Because she enjoys sharing teaching techniques with other faculty who, like herself, are interested in professional development, Margaret joined the TeamUP Program almost a decade ago. She supports student centered classrooms with effective study skills. She also includes brain learning techniques, so her class motto is “Work smarter, not harder!”

She believes that writing assignments about real life are more effective. “Students find these topics more interesting and seem more motivated to do a better job,” she added. For example, her students write letters to famous people, obituaries, letters of complaint, work incident reports, etc. Many assignments are actually mailed, so when answered, students are especially satisfied.     [ Click for More ]