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Audrey Wick

Audrey A. Wick is an English professor at Blinn College, a 4-campus community college with a combined enrollment of approximately 18,000 students located in central Texas. She has taught developmental through sophomore-level literature courses in a variety of methods including face-to-face, hybrid, online, dual-credit, and service learning.  In addition to her academic responsibilities, Audrey works with standardized test scoring through the SAT and College Board, is certified as a Pilates instructor, and works with Cengage Learning as a TeamUP Faculty Advisor; she was also the youngest ever elected official to serve on the city council in her college’s town.  Audrey's non-fiction writing has been published in The Houston Chronicle, Texas magazine, Texas Town and City, and Mature Years, among others. Her narrative essay, "The Siren Call of the Bingo Hall," is included in the customizable CourseReader: Rhetorical Modes published by Cengage Learning.     [ Click for More ]