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Bonnie Tensen

Bonnie Tensen has taught college composition for over 20 years, first in the traditional classroom, then in networked classroom environments and online. For 15 years she taught composition and literature courses online at Seminole State College of Florida. In Fall of 2013, Bonnie began serving as an e-learning specialist at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, assisting in the conversion of their weekend and evening college courses from f2f to hybrid. Although she is well acquainted with its pedagogical and personal challenges, she has become a vocal proponent of the powerful educational experiences e-learning—when designed well--can offer this generation of students, Bonnie is the author of Research Strategies for a Digital Age, a step-by-step guide that blends traditional research methods with detailed instruction on how to use and evaluate digital research technologies. Published by Cengage Learning, the textbook is in its 4th edition.

Seminole State College

Professor of English