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Betty LaFace

Betty LaFace has taught English and French at Bainbridge College for 6 years; previously, she worked at the Florida Dept. of Education, where she wrote teacher certification exams and statewide student assessments. Since coming to Georgia, she has focused her teaching and research interests on becoming a pacesetter in terms of converting her English composition and French classes to Web and Web-enhanced platforms. Students enjoy her approaches to teaching online and enhanced learning that improve writings and cultivate technology skills. In her English courses, she enables students to bolster their arguments with personal experience and valid research that can be applied not only to the work at hand but to any communication task required in future classes and careers. Betty participates in e-learning projects as a TeamUP Faculty Advisor with Cengage Learning and received a 2009 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award; her Best Practices have been appreciated by students in their course evaluations and featured at state and national conferences.     [ Click for More ]