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Karen Hardin

Karen Hardin, Ed.D. is a tenured faculty member at Mesa Community College (MCC) with over twenty years experience in education. She is the founder of the scholarship program, Students Striving for Excellent Performance (STEP) which focuses on understanding self efficiency, motivation and determination of African American students. She was voted MCC Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 2010 by her peers because of her dedication to teaching and learning while mentoring students. She was recognized as a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society faculty mentor in April 2011. This award was given because of her high quality performance and service to students. Professor Hardin has helped students obtain thousand of dollars in scholarships which lead to her selection as the YWCA Educator of the Year in 2005. “Dr. H,” as the students fondly call her can often be heard saying “To whom much is given, much is expected” which is the guiding principle for her work with students.