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Paul Nolting

Paul Nolting is a national expert in assessing math learning problems, developing effective student learning strategies and assisting institutions to improve math success. Since his dissertation on improving math success with study skills, he has consulted and presented at over 100 college campuses. He has authored several books and web sites on improving math study skills. He recently conceptualized, developed, and coordinated the first National Math Summit at the 2013 AMATYC conference which focused on national trends for developmental math and how to sustain student success during these challenging transitions. He understands the complexities of developing successful math programs, of classroom learning experiences, and of working with individual students because he has been successful in each of these situations while working in higher education. He has been an instructor, institutional test administrator, learning specialist, director of Title III programs which focused on math success, Student Support Services director and disability coordinator.     [ Click for More ]