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Robert Onorato

Robert M. Onorato, a Consultant for TeamUP Faculty Probrams, began his academic career as an adjunct business instructor, moving into academic administration and spending fifteen years as a college administrator in New York State. He eventually returned to teaching Marketing and Economics courses at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. Throughout his career, Robert has taught courses in the First Year Experience to a variety of student populations, including traditional, diverse, commuter and adult groups and.  He now teaches Marketing, Leadership, and Operations Management at Fordham University in New York. In addition, he has established Candlewood Consulting and authored the instructor's resource manual for Master Student Guide to Academic Success. Robert has earned a B. S. in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Connecticut and he has served as the Vice Chairman of the Economic Development Commission in Brookfield, CT. 

Cengage Learning TeamUP Consultant