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04 - Inverse Functions: What Our Teachers Didn’t Tell Us 
October 21, 2011   11:00am - 12:00pm
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The procedure of switching x and y to find the inverse function creates barriers to student understanding, especially when using real world data models. The confusion occurs because the variable x in y = f (x) and in y = f -1 (x) does not represent the same quantity. To address this issue," the solve for the dependent variable" technique should be used. Using this technique, the inverse function of y = f (x) is x = f -1 (y). In both equations, the variable x represents the same quantity. The big ideas and mathematical procedures that will help students master the inverse function concept may be developed in courses well below college algebra. This session is based on the cover article to the March 2011 Mathematics Teacher journal coauthored by award-winning author Frank Wilson.

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