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TH05 - Using a Faculty Development Idea to Create a Fresh Look for Student Success Courses 
November 13, 2014   9:30am - 10:45am
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Do you sometimes think to yourself "I love teaching student success courses, but I sure wouldn't mind doing something different with it!?" By attending this conference, you already have the foundation for that "something different!” For educators, attending conferences is an avenue for gaining new information and ideas to help students be more successful. Why shouldn't our students learn to be more successful in college by attending their own conference? This session will demonstrate an innovative, easy-to-implement method for delivering a student success course via a conference format. You and your students will see an increase in the flexibility of the content; this unique course format will energize and excite students at an opportune time, provide for a more efficient use of resources, equip students before classes begin, and reduce student and faculty workload during the semester.

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