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Flipped Model Food for Thought: A 3-Course Meal for Student Engagement 
February 4, 2014   1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Looking for ways to make the bellies of students' brains growl? Like the body, the mind is what it feasts upon and stands to digest material better if the meal is stretched out over a greater period of time with proper chewing, rather than woofing it all down at once (AKA - cramming). This virtual session considers ways, combining new technologies with time-tested teaching strategies, to serve students a three-course mental meal to promote more of a "study/practice" approach and move students into deeper learning with 1) pre-class prep work, 2) in-class active learning processes; and 3) after-class discussion. Attendees' mouths are sure to water with ideas for activating the cognitive salivary glands of their students and helping them develop confidence in using their noodles.

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