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PC2 - Gaining Support for Student Success Courses: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due 
June 15, 2011   1:00pm - 4:15pm
  Audio Only

Dave Ellis, author of Becoming a Master Student, will look back 30 years and look ahead at the many ways in which he has gained support for student success courses from administrators, faculty, and students at colleges throughout North America. Practical strategies will be presented and invented to assist the participants of this pre-conference to leave with specific multiple action plans for gaining credit and funding to start or expand courses designed to improve student performance and retention.

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Opening Session: All Hat and No Horse: Student Success Wisdom Roundup
Student Motivation Can Be Dramatically Increased
"Don't Sit on Them Spurs!": Getting Students Engaged in Critical Thinking
"The Wild Bunch": Getting Control and Setting the Tone in Your College Success Course
Packing Your Saddle Bags: Putting in the Basics