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FR01 - "We Are Professional Grade": Getting More Commitment (from Students) 
October 19, 2012   8:30am - 9:45am
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According to time management expert Tony Schwartz, "Our lives have been divided into smaller and smaller increments of focus. We do more things than ever, but we've lost control of our attention." Today's students need to know but don't want to be lectured, and in the view of many, reading and writing takes too much time. Many students try college as an "add-on" and wonder why academics are so challenging. A big question that concerns College Success faculty is this: How can we teach our students the principles of academic professionalism? Helping our students achieve GMC's slogan, "We are professional grade," should be our goal as instructors, and first-year seminars are the place it should happen. This discussion with author Constance Staley will focus on GMC--Getting More Commitment--from our busy students.

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