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14 - The Grande Ole Opry is Not the Only Place Good NOTES Are Found: You Can Find Them in Your Classroom 
June 16, 2011   2:45pm - 4:00pm
  Synced Audio / Slides

There are so many different forms of notes, learning styles and excuses, no wonder our students have a difficult time breaking old habits. This interactive session will allow participants to try new ways of sharing note-taking strategies with their students that will keep students engaged during class and encourage them to try new ways of taking notes in their other classes. The presenters will share strategies, show student examples, and facilitate demonstrations of note-taking strategies.

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Opening Session: All Hat and No Horse: Student Success Wisdom Roundup
Student Motivation Can Be Dramatically Increased
"Don't Sit on Them Spurs!": Getting Students Engaged in Critical Thinking
"The Wild Bunch": Getting Control and Setting the Tone in Your College Success Course
Packing Your Saddle Bags: Putting in the Basics