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10 - Lunch Keynote Address: Developing Critical Thinkers in a Freshman Program 
June 16, 2011   12:30pm - 2:45pm
  Audio Only

Many students entering college are plagued by poor academic performance and rapid attrition, in part because they lack the critical thinking abilities required to adapt to the college environment and negotiate rigorous academic courses. This interactive session will present a comprehensive framework for transforming students into critical thinkers, with the cognitive abilities, expanded perspectives, and reflective insight needed for academic and career success. This approach is based on an established program (involving 30 faculty and 4,500 students annually) in which students have consistently demonstrated significant gains in critical thinking abilities, language skills, and improved attitudes towards education. Workshop participants will actively explore practical strategies for fostering critical thinking in both freshman seminars and academic courses, and engage in critical thinking activities that can be applied to a variety of academic contexts. Also discussed will be the issues of designing courses for different populations, assessing student development, and guiding faculty to teach most effectively.

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