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TH08 - Steppin' Outa the Shadows, and Gettin' a Tan: Strategies for Exposing Our Students to the Light of Math 
March 29, 2012   11:00am - 12:15pm
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

It is not uncommon for developmental math students to lack math esteem, and their beliefs about their capacity to learn math can preclude them from investing the very effort that would allow them to “see” they are quite capable of becoming mathematically proficient.  Well, you’ve probably heard it before, that experience is the best teacher.  This interactive workshop is designed to provide an experience for developmental math instructors, that aims to equip them with creative insights and proven strategies to engage their students in the experience of math with the purpose of freeing students from the dark thoughts of “I just can’t get this math stuff”.  Participants are sure to walk away with ideas bright enough to give sunscreen a sun-burn.


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