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Revvin' Up and Shifting Gears: Strategies to Make Online Learning and Engagement a Two-Way Street 
April 25, 2012   1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Making the move from teaching face-to-face to teaching online can be daunting for both the educator and the learner, sometimes making learning feel like a one-way street. And let’s be honest; it can feel like you’re riding on that same street in the F2F classroom, too! However, the many miles of separation between educators’ and students’ desks (literally and figuratively) do not have to prevent educators from connecting and getting the most out of their learners. Join this interactive webinar to learn what the best online educators (and learners!) do. Receive research-based best practices as well as practical tools and strategies for creating a two-way street that puts the brakes on inactivity and revs up the engagement in online (and even F2F!) learning environments.

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