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FR06 - I Still Can't Think of Anything to Write!: Moving Students from Molehills to Mountains of Ideas 
February 17, 2012   12:30pm - 1:45pm

Does getting your students to write about what they read feel like pulling teeth? Reading selections should give them a starting point, a detour from having to start a writing cold - or so we think. Attend this interactive session for ideas that get students moving, thinking, talking, … oh … and WRITING about the selections we assign them; they’ll never complete another reading and tell you “I still can’t think of anything to write!”


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Opening Session: TeamUP Faculty Programs
Helping Students See the Big Picture: A Panoramic View of Writing with Technology
Viewing the Group-Written Paper with New Eyes
Navigating the Vast Frontier: Research in 2012
Hosted Lunch and Keynote: The Interconnected Worlds of Writing and Exploration: How We as Writers and Instructors Connect the Two Worlds