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TH05 - Hosted Lunch and Keynote: The Interconnected Worlds of Writing and Exploration: How We as Writers and Instructors Connect the Two Worlds 
February 16, 2012   11:45am - 1:45pm
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0.10 CH  

There is a process that we go through when we are writing, a process in which we work to capture life's experiences in a way that draws readers in, give readers connections to those experiences, and inspires them to tell their own stories, in ways that will capture our interest, inform, and inspire us. Our worlds of writing and exploration connect us. Each story and swim that I've done is an exploration. Often I have to discover ways to describe experiences that I could never have imagined. I could have never imagined what it was like, for example, to swim off the shores of Greenland in 28.8 degree F in a swim suit, but my goal was to say something more than, "it was cold". I had to figure out what I was sensing, how it felt, and tell about the experience in vivid way so that readers would feel as if they were right beside me in the water and they would gain insights from the swim, and use it as a way to tap into their own experiences. The fun of writing is exploring ways to connect readers with these experiences.


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