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FR07 - The Rhetoric of Social Media: Strengthening the Online Communicator through Visibility and Reflection 
November 18, 2011   12:30pm - 1:15pm
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

Social media tools have become a mainstay in the writing classroom; we have adopted online discussion threads to manage conversation, we lead students in producing social and business-related community sites, and we communicate via email, text, and tweet as often with students as we do face-to-face. But to what extent do we make the rhetoric of those online environments visible to our students? This presentation supports social online community and business sites as powerful writing environments, and it focuses on strategies for helping students become strong writers within the conventions, audience-expectations, and opportunities to transcend limitations of those spaces. The presenter will demonstrate academic and professional social networking sites designed to promote professionalism and community, and will show how reflective writing practices within those spaces convert to power for the online rhetor.

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