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23 - Keynote Address: Driven to Distraction... at the Drop of a Hat! 
October 27, 2011   12:30pm - 2:00pm
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According to time management expert Tony Schwartz, “Our lives have been divided into smaller and smaller increments of focus. We do more things than ever, but we’ve lost control of our attention.” Today’s students need to know but don’t want to be lectured, and in the view of many, reading and writing take too much time. “Information is readily available; can’t we just learn however we’d like?” Some experts warn that technology will overtake our curricula, co-opt our content, and compromise our focus. Others are excited by the opportunities we have to learn. Regardless, we know that “Generation C” (connected, computerized, communicating, always clicking…) is challenging us in new ways. As their first instructors in College Success courses, how can we meet these challenges—to insure their success and ours?

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