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Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the TeamUP Faculty Development Portal! I want to take this space to thank all of the educators who worked to create the Portal by sharing their expertise and passion for teaching and learning. Below you'll find a list of the experienced instructors, professors, counselors, administrators, and TeamUP staff who contributed their time and talents to create a unique online professional development offering. Additionally, in conference sessions, you will find the presenters' names and biographies, so you can learn more about the speakers. As you explore and use the Portal, I hope it serves as a gateway to practical, relevant instructional strategies and a bridge to other educators.

Best Wishes,
Melissa Zantello
Portal Contributors:
Portal Creation:
Melissa Zantello, Executive Director, TeamUP, Cengage Learning
Clay Austin, Consultant, TeamUP, Cengage Learning
Technology Developer/Editor
Jennifer Hurd, Program Manager, TeamUP, Cengage Learning
Maggi Miller, Manager, TeamUP, Cengage Learning
Art Developer/Developer/Editor
Kiala Givehand, Faculty Advisor, TeamUP, Cengage Learning
Executive Editor
Stephanie Curry, Cengage Learning
Marketing Manager
Pod Content Contributors:
Karen Agee
University of Northern Iowa
Joe Antinarella
Tidewater Community College
Tanaz Arteaga
Walden University
Clay Austin
Cengage Learning / University of Southern California
Laura BazanCentral
Piedmont Community College
Rochelle Beatty
Cengage Learning
Kristen Bundesen
Walden University
Dave Caverly
Texas State University
Rochelle Dahmer
Jones County Junior College
Deborah Davis
Kaplan University
Joel English
Centura College
Amber Epps
Art Institute of Pittsburg
Lyla Fox
Retired Educator / Lyla Fox Writing
Chris Gilmer
Cengage Learning
Damon Givehand
Cengage Learning / Rasmussen College Online
Kiala Givehand
Rasmussen College
Sean Glassberg
Horry Georgetown Technical College
Zola Gordy
Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley
Ron Hansen
TWS Beam Reach Education
Kathleen Hartman
Kutztown University
Carolyn Hopper
Middle Tennessee State University
Jennifer Hurd
Cengage Learning/ Walden University
Hank Johnson
International Academy of Design and Technology
MK McGee
Metropolitan Community College
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins
Cengage Learning / University of Phoenix
Maggi Miller
Cengage Learning
Chris Olivera
University of California, Riverside
Robert Onorato
Cengage Learning / Fordham University
Rick Piper
Anthem College
Linda Thompson
Harding University
Audrey Wick
Blinn College
Shayla Wiggins
Prairie View A&M University
Gary Williams
Crafton Hills College
Ann Wolf
Cengage Learning / College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
Melissa Zantello
Cengage Learning / University of Phoenix