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  • Each Pod contains five individual modules on topics relevant to the Pod theme.
  • Each individual multi-media module takes approximately two hours to complete and is worth .2 CEU.
  • The module contains a variety of instructional components including an article, a case study, a video and an audio interview with an experienced educator.
  • Completion of an entire Pod earns the participant 1 CEU.
  • You may purchase modules individually or as a Pod. Click "View Modules" in any Pod to view individual modules.From that page, you may choose to purchase Modules or the entire Pod.
Pods Status
Pod 1 Online Learning - Innovative Ideas and Approaches to Online Teaching - NEW POD
  • Setting up your Online Course
  • Building Community Online
  • Increasing Student Engagement Online
  • Aligning Objectives in Online Classes
  • Assessment in Online Learning
Pod 2 Teaching Developmental Education
  • Best Practices
  • History
  • Assessment
  • Profile of a Student
  • Building Community
Pod 3 Developmental Math
  • Incorporating Study Skills into Developmental Mathematics
  • Strategies for Managing Math Anxiety
  • Incorporating Technology and Online Homework
  • Incorporating Active Learning
  • Cultivating Responsibility and Accountability
Pod 4 Developmental Reading
  • Best Designs for Reading Courses
  • Strategies for Building Student Vocabulary
  • The Reading and Writing Connection
  • Teaching Students to Manage Difficult Texts
  • Why Critical Reading Matters
Pod 5 Developmental Writing
  • Teaching Grammar and Writing in Concert
  • The Reading and Writing Connection
  • Student Self Assessment and Reflection
  • Incorporating Technology in the Developmental Education Classroom
  • Helping Student Writers Find Their Voices
Pod 6 Working with Adult Learners
  • Understanding the Adult Learner
  • Engaging Adult Learners
  • Classroom Management for the Adult
  • Exploring the Different Generations
  • Technology and the Non-Traditional Student
Pod 7 Active Learning
  • What is Active Learning
  • An Active Classroom Model
  • Making Lectures Active
  • Collaborative Learning Models
  • Process (Assessment, Feedback)
Pod 8 Classroom Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution-Dealing with Difficult Students
  • Building Rapport Building Community
  • Creating an Inviting Learning Environment
  • Cultivating Accountability and Responsibility
  • Encouragement and Motivation
Pod 9 Study Skills
  • Getting Started With Setting Up a Student Success Course
  • The Role of Learning Styles in a Student Success Course
  • Critical Skills for Every Study Skills Course
  • Facilitating a Student Success Course
  • How to Offer Faculty Development for Student Success Instructors
Pod 10 Effective Student Practices
  • Metacognition
  • Critical Thinking
  • Higher Order Thinking-Memory
  • Learning Styles-Personality Style
  • Soft Skills
Archived Pods
If you own the Pod below you still have access to the material.
Pod 1 Online Teaching
  • Setting up your Online Course
  • Building Community Online
  • Managing Student Interaction Online
  • Aligning Objectives in Online Classes
  • Assessment in Online Learning