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2013 Cengage Learning TeamUp Fall Energizer Conference: Scottsdale, AZ
November 14, 2013 - November 15, 2013
27 Sessions, 0 Speaker
TeamUP and Cengage Learning have set their sights high to bring you an exciting Fall Energizer conference, “Reach for the Sky.”
Experience peer to peer faculty development with colleagues who work with college students in
Developmental Reading, Developmental Writing, and Student Success.
Sessions will also address best practices for teaching in any discipline. Interactive workshops will give you the opportunity to share and learn.

The Scottsdale Firesky Resort & Spa, offers the perfect setting for getting energized to meet the challenges of academia. Come join us for two days of incomparable earth, air, water and sky. You’ll return to the classroom refreshed, with a renewed sense of commitment, and new ideas.
Entire Conference
27 Sessions

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