National Speakers Association Convention 2014


Perform. How do you do it? No matter your platform, this year’s Annual NSA Convention will help you, in practical and strategic ways, expand your business of professional speaking. We have experts like Erik Wahl, Steve Forbes, Nancy Duarte, and a super secret line-up for our last two closing sessions that will blow your mind.

Perform [per-form 2014] verb or noun (as in Perform 2014)

  1. Master the platform and your onstage performance.
  2. Build and operate a high performance business with various models and approaches to profitability.
  3. Deliver high performance results and tangible value for your clients and audiences.

  • "I'm going to Perform. Are you?"
  • "Make this your year to Perform at the highest level ever."
  • "To reach elite performance levels, on stage and in business, attend Perform 2014."


c, 2014, “to execute your goals through profitable channels,” via Steve Forbes. performer creo “to catapult your speaking success through creativity,” from Erik Wahl. performer visus “to transform your presentation with visual showcase,” from performer “speaker” + visus “sight.”

Sampling of Performers:
  • Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine will give a briefing on the state of business in the U.S. followed by a first-time-ever panel of CEOs. They’ll reveal precisely how they get their businesses to perform and how they hire and use experts…like those who speak professionally.
  • Erik Wahl (aka the Warhol of Wall Street) is a graffiti performance artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author…who’s redefined what it can mean to be a keynote speaker.
  • Nancy Duarte: Since 1988, Duarte's firm has created more than 250,000 presentations. Her experience working with global companies and thought leaders has influenced the perception of the world's most valuable brands. She authored the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, Resonate, slide:ology and, most recently, Slidedocs.

If you’re ready to perform in your biz, come to PERFORM 2014.