2013 NRPA - Congress and Exposition

Event Held October 8, 2013 - October 10, 2013

You Can Still Earn CEUs from NRPA Congress and Exposition Virtually!

NRPA is offering an opportunity to Earn up to 1.0 CEUs from previously recorded 2013 Congress Sessions. This is a great opportunity to learn and virtually engage with park and recreation professionals from across the nation. You will receive powerful training on a variety of topics from creating a marketing plan to identifying the value of open space. Congress Live allows you to Get the Great Ideas That Started in Houston and implement them into your agency.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend NRPA's Virtual Congress Live!:

  1. 10 sensational education sessions for just $199
  2. You can still experience the NRPA Congress
  3. Presentations from top rated presenters
  4. Earn up to 1.0 CEUs – half of the required CPRP renewal
  5. Attend from the comfort of your home or office


Transforming Communities Through Partnerships
Using an interdisciplinary partnership approach can serve as a vital foundation for maximizing health impact across populations. Park usage can provide a multitude of health benefits across generations. Community Transformation is a movement taking place across the nation, including Houston/Harris County. Communities are working together to improve livability to support public health efforts to reduce chronic diseases, the leading causes of death and disability. CTI focuses on sustainable policy, built environment, and infrastructure or systems changes across the City of Houston and Harris County. Hear about the role parks and other partners play in enhancing quality of life for residents by making the easy choice the healthy choice.
Showing Outcomes: The Why, The How, and The NOW!
Showing the outcomes and values of parks and recreation services, programs, and facilities is paramount in funding our services in the future. Discover why it is important, learn about proven examples of how to provide outcomes to community leaders, and hear a series of success stories. Delivering the outcomes of parks and recreation services can be a key component in funding future facilities and programs. It is designed to help you re-position your agency NOW!
The New Customer: Marketing in the Zero Moment of Truth
There has been a fundamental change in the traditional marketing model. Has your department adapted or are your practices outdated? The internet has changed how your customers determine the products and services they purchase. This critical online decision-making moment is called the "Zero Moment of Truth" or simply "ZMOT." In this session we will discuss how your department can win the Zero Moment of Truth, increase participation, and improve cost recovery.
Forming a Sense of Community By Creating Advocates
The most effective advocates for parks and recreation programs are the citizens who not only value the program, but also value their community and value the role of parks and recreation programs in the community. By developing a sense of community, administrators are also creating advocates for their program. Developing a sense of community, however, involves more than just quality programs or marketing; it involves intentional efforts. Learn about the four elements that lead to a sense of community, discover specific strategies for developing this sense of community, and obtain tools for turning this community in to advocates.
Moving Beyond Customer Satisfaction: Staging Memorable Recreation Experiences
Simply satisfying our customers may not be enough in a rapidly changing world where potential participants are faced with a myriad of choices of where and how they spend their time and money. Recreation programming and putting on special events are essential to our organizations; they are at the heart of what we do. Although the basics of recreation programming are well understood there are some simple steps to make our programs even more memorable thereby creating a more loyal customer base. Explore and experience five principles for staging recreation experiences. Learn how to implement each principle into everyday recreation programs that will provide for more memorable participant experiences.
Fun, Free, Affordable Marketing That Makes You Memorable......And Works!
Brochures are not engaging; people are. Brochures don't get people registered for events; people do. It’s time for recreation and parks departments to get creative and identify missed opportunities to engage communities in more fitness and more. It’s time to turn customers into “REAL” followers and fans. Learn how to easily and affordably stay in touch with people; to sell them on fun and fitness; while not selling them. Are you ready to separate yourself from the competition? Are you ready to have people talking about you to others? Are you ready to design a customer engagement plan that makes you memorable!
Moving from Best Practices to Next Practices
We can no longer rely on doing things the way we have always done them. Learn about new and emerging models of delivering of parks and recreation. To remain successful and relevant, parks and recreation agencies will need to develop operational and staffing models that are outcome focused and sustainable in the future. Learn about the economic and societal influences that are requiring a more streamlined mission and a focus on core services. Discover how to evaluate new operational and business models including outsourcing and contracting, public partnerships, mergers and consolidation of departments, and more financially sustainable in relation to ongoing revenue and expenses.
Networking in a Room of Strangers
Walking into a room of strangers to make connections and form relationships is daunting! You need to promote your program or your boss wants you to make new contacts – now what!? This session is great for everyone, whether you are just starting or need a refresher, to feel confident and re-energize the way you work a room! Learn how to network in both professional and social settings, plus techniques for making connections as soon as you enter a room, making a great first impression, monitoring your body language, introducing yourself, feeling confident and joining groups when you do not know anyone. You will leave this fun, energy filled session with a new excitement and confidence for networking and working a room!
Economic Impacts of Park Systems and Community Benefits
If you drive by a local park, you might see someone walking their dog, children playing on the playground, or a soccer team practicing. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we wanted to know what the picture is worth in dollars and cents. Come learn methods for capturing the economic impacts of a park system from Metro Parks Tacoma’s experience using traditional spending, tourism and taxation valuation models, as well as compelling ground-breaking research on the economic value of ecosystem, health and social benefits. We’ve moved well beyond anecdotal evidence into proof that parks and open space are an economic catalyst in the community.
Creating an Agency that is Trusted, Valued, and Loved
The difference between recent Bond Referendums that passed and those that didn't usually come down to the votes going to agencies that the public trust. Even if you are not in the market for a bond referendum, you will learn how to become that agency that the community values.

The NRPA is committed to providing the best possible accommodation for hearing or sight impaired participants. If you require such an accommodation for this learning event, please send a written request to education@nrpa.org no later than September 9th, 2013.

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