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2011 NGWA Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting
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2011 NGWREF Darcy Lecture Farewell Presentation
2012 NGWREF McEllhiney Lecture Kickoff Presentation
Accessing Company FMCSA Information: What the Numbers Mean
Accounting: Internal Control and Fraud Prevention
Advanced Pressure Control and Pumping Protection Using Variable Frequency Drives - NOT RECORDED
ANSI/NGWA Well Construction Standard: Background, How to Use it, and Future Standards
Appraisals: Equipment and Business Values. What Do They Mean and What to Do with Them
Aquifer Characterization Tests and Transducer Data Collection
Bid shopping
Bidding and Estimating: Critical Tools for Effective Business Management
Big Wells - Big Pumps - Big Water
Briefing on Recent Key Actions Affecting Exempt Wells in the West
Construction and Testing of the City of Sumner's Central Well
Deep Monitoring Wells in Thick Mine Spoils
Designing Wells to Optimize Performance and Efficiency - How to Minimize Frictional and Financial Losses
Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Technologies
Drinking Water Resource Development in Uganda: A Case Study
Effective Fleet Management
Effective Water Treatment Can Reduce Energy Use and Detergent Pollution
Energy Management - A Must!
Fishing Tools - NOT RECORDED
Five Easy Ways to Promote Your Business and Groundwater Stewardship
Functionality and Troubleshooting Variable Speed Pump Controllers
Geothermal Air Conditioning: Closed Loop or Open Loop?
Glass Beads as Better Alternative to Natural Filter Gravel in Water Wells
Ground Water Baseline Testing Prior to New Shale Development Activities
Groundwater Quality in the Marcellus Shale Play of Pennsylvania from Extensive Pre-Drill Sampling
Hiring & Employee Evaluation
How Groundwater Contractors Can Avoid the Most Common Industry Losses
How Groundwater Professionals Avoid Potential Pitfalls on Geothermal Projects
How the New Tax Laws Will Affect You
How to Use Sediment Filter Bags to Remove Rock Chips and Silt from Drilling Water
How Using the NGWA Web Site Can Help You Maximize Your Membership Benefit
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Wells
Hydrogeology 101
Hydrogeology of the Appalachian Basin Shale Plays
Implications for Investigations of Stray Gas Migration: Geochemistry of Natural Gases in Quaternary through Devonian Age Strata in the Northern Appalachian Basin Fred Baldassare
Individual Well Operation Affects Water Quality and Aquifer Sustainability
Inexpensive and Free Safety Resources for Groundwater Professionals
Introduction to Solar Water Pumping
Killer Contract Clauses
Large Submersbile Pump Options
Legislation and Regulations from Around the Country
LNAPL Transmissivity Measurement Methods: A Preview of Developing Guidance
Low Flow Sampling Best Practices
Making Drilling Water Crystal Clear: It’s Easier Than You Think!
Marketing Your NGWA Certified Status
Microseismic Imaging and Geomechanical Modeling for Fluid Injections and Hydraulic Fracturing
Monitoring and Characterization of Complex Hydrogeologic Regimes Associated with Mineral Resources
Nontraditional Well Design and Construction Challenges
Nuisance Bacteria in the Well: It's Not Just About Coliforms
Overcoming Iron Bacteria in Water Wells - A New Perspective
Panel On Hydralic Fracturing: State Perspective
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bits: A Closer Look
Preparing to Earn (or Upgrade) NGWA Voluntary Certification
Profit Mastery: Break-Even 360: The Absolute Best Tool to Measure and Manage Profitability
Profit Mastery: Using a Unique Financial Road Map and Scorecard to Achieve Guaranteed Financial Performance Improvement
Project Budgeting
Sampling Techniques for Environmental Wells
Sampling Techniques for Water Supply Wells (Testing)
Shocking: Using Proper Electrical Safe Practice
Site Assessment: Effects of Demand and Land Use on Groundwater Resources
Soil Gas Sampling
Technical/Scientific Barriers Affecting Geothermal Resource Development
The ESOP Solution
The Future of Water
The Use of Absorbent Glass to Recycle Produced Water and Avoid Class II Injection
Two Phase Extraction
U.S. COE Session
Ubicación, Diseño, Construcción, Mantenimiento y Rehabilitación de Pozos de Agua (Hydrogeology, Water Well Design, and Construction ) - Presented in Spanish
Understanding and Negotiating DOT Issues and Requirements for the Groundwater Industry
Understanding and Remedying Your Well Problems
Understanding and Training for Driver Fitness Under CSA 2010
Unsustainable groundwater management: Robbing from your neighbors or yourself?
Update on the American Arbitration Association’s Construction Industry Mediation Rules
Using Newsletters to Market Your Business
Using NGWA's Drillling Cost Calculators
Using NGWA’s Best Suggested Practices (BSPs) as Business Tools
Using Sand Tank Models to Teach About Groundwater
Water Stress and Risk Management
Water Supply Well Inspections
Water System Sizing - Obtaining Optimum Efficiency
Water Treatment Product Certification: What Does it Really Mean
Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Web-Based Information Services Available from State Geological Surveys to Assist Your Well Contracting Business
What Every Groundwater Professional Needs to Know About Hydraulic Fracturing
What Was I (Not) Thinking - Homework I Should Have Done Before Starting the Geothermal Job
What's New in Renewable Energy Pumping
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