Kymberlee Raya

Kymberlee Kaye Raya

Kymberlee Kaye Raya has an extensive background in marketing, with an emphasis in Branding and offers over fifteen years of marketing and branding expertise. Kymberlee built Big Shot from nothing; a one woman show has grown in the last ten years to a thriving, growing business that now works with companies such as Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets grocery chain Andrea Metcalf {NBC Fitness Celebrity}, WOK’n FIRE Restaurant Chain, and the Staffing Network. Kymberlee’s creative mind combined with her knack for excellent business strategy continues to drive Big Shot to the forefront. Kymberlee is a visionary; she sees things in their entirety, the short term and long term, the beginning and the end. She envisions the whole scope and leads her team from execution through the whole campaign. She is proud to manage a team of talented folks internally while simultaneously relating to clients and their needs. A passionate advocate for cre ativity and innovation, Kymberlee regularly speaks locally and nationally. A talented and generous individual, Kymberlee is a Team Leader for Chicago Cares and volunteers on a regular basis. She has twenty years dance experience, including being a cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls and teaching Zumba Fitness. She enjoys spending time with two boys and resides in Chicago, Illinois.