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Thursday, March 5, 2015
10 Things You Wanted to Know Before You Started Your Business
Join Isabel Alvarez Arata, General Manager of The Wag Pack in Northern Virginia and winner of the NAPPS 2012 Business of the Year Award, as she presents 10 Things You Wanted to Know As a New Pet Sitter. Isabel will go over many of the unexpected lessons pet sitters learn when entering the pet sitting industry. Her presentation will cover the need for ever-elusive personal time, why having a back-up is an absolute must, and many of the challenges that pet sitters encounter and successfully manage on a daily basis. Relatable, real and helpful, Isabel promises to take senior pet sitters back to the "good ol' days" while offering guidance to new pet sitters as they navigate their many adventures.
Assertiveness: Creating Win-Win Agreements with Clients
You may love pets, but you may not always love their owners. Have you ever heard the saying, you don’t pick your dog, your dog picks you? Animals live by their instinct and they certainly don’t overthink. So why do we do it and how can we set better boundaries with our human clients? Join Misty Buck, Author and Self Empowerment Coach, for a strategy session on how to be more assertive with your clients and not feel bad about it! Respect the value of your service and your clients will respect you! In this session exclusive for the NAPPS members Misty will help you explore your mindset with exercises that you can begin to use to empower yourself—and your business—immediately.
How to Start and Run A Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business
How To Start and Run A Successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

-Thinking about starting a pet sitting or dog walking business but not sure how to get started in a way that will ensure success?
-Are you in your first year of pet sitting and aren’t generating the kind of profits you’d like to be generating?
-Are you an 'old dog pet sitter' who could benefit from revisiting your business foundation in order to grow our business from a more solid place?

If you are new to pet sitting, in your first year of pet sitting, or just want to learn some new ways of doing business this webinar is for YOU.

In this class you will learn the steps needed to create a firm foundation from which to launch and run a business that thrives from day one. It’s a myth that new business owners have to struggle, overwork and underearn in their first year of business!

In a clear, step-by-step format, Kristin Morrison, founder of the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ will outline in a direct and clear way exactly what is needed to successfully start and run your pet sitting and dog walking business-from Day One!

Coach Kristin has helped hundreds of new pet sitting and dog walking business owners from across the country learn the art of running a solvent, successful, and profitable business. In this webinar Kristin will teach you how to create your own successful business.

By attending the class you will discover:
-12 start up steps that will ensure success from your first day of business
-What contributes most to starting and running a successful business
-The top concern for pet owners and how you can address that need
-How to sell your service easily and effortlessly to potential clients
-What service to offer clients that will generate the most profit for you
-The #1 mistake pet sitters often make when starting out
-How to identify –and find- your Ideal Clients
-Looking ahead: how to double your clientele –and profit- in Year Two

You will come away with:

-First year tips and tools that will insure your success
-Knowing exactly what is needed to get your phone to ring
-A feeling of confidence when it comes to starting and running your business
-How to create a business foundation that will enable you to make six figures
-A sense of ease when it comes to running your business
-How to sell your service in a way that compels clients to say YES
-And more!
The Road to Success: Setting and Achieving Business Goals
Setting and achieving business goals seems like it should be pretty simple, right? But it can be one of the most challenging facets of owning and running a small business. Particularly when many business owners are working IN their business instead of ON their business. Find out how to set the RIGHT goals and how to increase the likelihood that you will achieve them by listening to this session by pet industry consultant, Erin Fenstermaker.
Employment Law
Employees v. Independent Contractors- What you need to know and how to avoid misclassifications
Business of the Year/Member in Action/President’s Award
Yvette Gonzales, As You Wish Pet Sitters
Keeping Your Staff Happy So They Will Keep You Happy
Jamie Damato Migdal, FetchFind
When to Hire or Expand/How to Hire the Perfect Pet Sitter or Dog Walker
How to use data and technology to hire the best people. Nate will share best practices on how to hire candidates and show how Hireology works.
Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs. S Corporation and the Financials Driving Your Business
In this presentation Adam will focus on a Pet Sitter firm’s corporate structure and discuss the differences between an LLC and an S Corp. There will be a review of a standardized Pet Sitting firm financial dashboard that Adam Rimes has developed specifically for his Pet Sitting clients. From this financial snapshot, there will be a demonstration of key performance drivers for Pet Sitters. For example, attendees will be able to see industry averages for labor costs as a percentage of revenue. There will also be a discussion around staffing, specifically the differences between contractor employees vs. full time employees. For those wanting to better understand their business tax structure and financial performance, this presentation offers actionable insights for better decision-making.
Adam Rimes, CPA, CEO and Co-founder, Administrivia
Contingency Plan
Professional pet sitters are masters of multi-tasking, as well as advance planning. However, events beyond our control can, and will happen to each of us, just when we have assumed liability for a client’s most precious possessions – their pets and their homes. Natural disasters, terrorist events, structural failures and pet sitter negligence will occur regardless to the location of our pet sitting service areas - on the coast, in a big city, in the high desert, or out on a bucolic farm. Hear from our knowledgeable team of NAPPS pet sitters about their emergency and contingency planning experiences - both on the job and personal - before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Boston Marathon Bombing, as well as managing Single Structure/Single Pet incidents.
How to Protect Yourself and Your Business
This session will discuss the liabilities facing companion animal businesses, in particular pet walking, grooming & sitting, and will address strategies to better address these matters when they arise. Pre-boarding contracts, disclosure forms and other contract issues will be highlighted, among other issues arising in litigation.
Friday, March 6, 2015
Marketing Your Pet Business with Social Media Fundamentals
If you consider yourself a pretty digitally savvy business owner, you’ve probably built a website for your business, and are working to grow your social media audience. These are great first steps in managing your overall web presence. However, there are additional web tools that can help you expand and scale your business online. This course will explore ways that advanced online tools, such as e-commerce platforms, and content management products, can help enhance interactions with your customer-base, and better reach new consumers. You will learn about:
  • In-depth explanation of strategies and techniques for specific social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Content management tools and key products
  • Digital/mobile payments
  • How to enhance your business’s primary/preferred social network
Setting Up Your Website
Join Mike Schmidt with myNAPPS to learn:
• Why do you need a website at all?
• How? Different ways of creating a site
• myNAPPS and how it is different
• Common Mistakes creating a website
• Common Questions about websites
• Common Questions about online marketing
Did you know 80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements? Learning to use Google adwords can be an easy and affordable way to bring your pet sitting company to the next level at any budget! Adwords 101 will give a solid foundation for the effective use of the Adwords Pay-per-Click platform. Topics will include:
-General Overview of Adwords.
-Explanation of it's place in a total marketing strategy.
-Tips and Tricks for a successful campaign.
-Step-by-step instructions for how to get the account up and running!
-Follow ups for on-going maintenance to create the meanest, leanest campaign you can!
Five Ways to Revamp Your Website and Make Your Visitors Happy
Using design principles, marketing theories, best practices on the Web, and psychology, I will go over five major aspects of your website that need revamping. For each aspect, I will discuss how to make the proper design changes that better suits your marketing efforts, align best with the psychology of design, and ensure that you are following the best in web practices. While these aspects are geared more toward business owners who currently have a site, any business owner who has a site or about to launch a site could benefit from learning about the biggest aspects of websites that impact visitors the most.
How to Apply Internet Marketing
Social media, email newsletters, blogs, and websites… it’s enough to make any business owner insane! Join Misty Buck, president of Miss Ink PR & Social Media Marketing, for a virtual workshop on how to apply Internet marketing to your business. You’ll learn about the difference in tactics, how you can apply them to your business, plus secrets for easily making Internet marketing a part of your business plan.
Using Technology to Grow Your Business & Manage Your Costs
Using Technology to Advance Your Business and Manage Your Costs provides real money-saving tools and ways to build your business online. In this day and age, and particularly for pet sitters, a strong presence on the internet is a must. And there are so many free tools to help you manage your schedule, your business forms, and client communications. Whether you are a beginner on a budget, or an experienced sitter looking to tweak your online presence, you'll find useful tips in this informative session.
Social Media to Lead Generate and Grow Your Reach
Kymberlee Kaye Raya will show you the power of marketing to the right target market. Come hone your social marketing skills and learn how to drive sales by building buzz around your brand. She will teach you proven techniques to help gain more fans and followers - while increasing your reach to grow your business. From what content to post - to reviewing and understanding your analytics - this is a social media kick in the pants!
Ethics of Social Media
How comfortable are you that you understand the legalities of client confidentiality and ethics in the pet industry? Do you mention clients on your blog or social media? Are you comfortable sharing unpleasant client experiences with your friends via twitter? Do you take into consideration client confidentiality before you hand over client files to other pet professionals? Are you sharing clients’ pet videos all over the World Wide Web? Have you ever discussed a behavior consulting case with your sister in law over drinks? Think again! Client confidentiality is extremely important for your clients, for your business and for the professionalism of our industry.
Saturday, March 7, 2015
What If's of Pet Sitting (Basics)
The unexpected "What Ifs" of pet sitting; don't fall victim to them! Join Dr. Lisa Aumiller from HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service to learn how to successfully defeat the what ifs that creep up on pet sitters day in and day out. Knowing how to react and interpret situations will help you keep your client's pets safe and keep the pet parents informed. Knowing these what ifs will have you looking like a superstar!!
Dog Trainer
Dog walkers and sitters are oftentimes the front line when it comes to dealing with dogs and owners. They frequently have long relationships with clients and can be a valuable resource for trainers when new problems emerge. They can support training through several simple techniques without having to extend their walks way behind what they are expected to be in order to "train" the dogs. They are frequently integral to a successful training package. Beyond this, they are frequently asked to deal with difficult behaviors without necessarily receiving trainer support. We will discuss ways they can "survive" and improve these walks. This session will also include a discussion of what behavior is (and isn't) and how to use behavioral science to conceptualize and discuss problem behaviors.
Pitch to Win: How to Get the Business & a Leg Up on Your Competition
In this day, competition is real. It's not enough to simply say you're a pet sitter - you must say and do more to get the business. A powerful pitch will make the difference between getting hired and fired before you even start. In this session, Desiree Young of VentureWalk reviews how to communicate who you are and what you do in a way that sets you apart, gets people to buy-in, and finally to buy from you. In this program you will learn: • how to use your 30 seconds to attract versus repel people • the 4 pitch personas and how knowing which type you are can and will eliminate fear and anxiety permanently • what to NEVER say when you introduce yourself • the 3 things that must happen if (and when) you get a ‘no’ or a ‘not yet’
Yelp Reviews: Good, Bad or Indifferent
Not sure how to make Yelp work for your business? This seminar will show you how Yelp can help you:
• Generate favorable customer reviews
• Improve online search visibility
• Get new customer leads – at no charge!
Yelp.com is a social media website that allows customers to rate product/service providers as well as read ratings that others have posted. It’s valuable to business owners because of its visibility in search engine rankins as well as its ability to lend instant credibility in a competitive search environment. But Yelp can also hurt businesses when they fail to deliver good customer service and/or fail to respond appropriately to negative posts. Examples of what you’ll learn:
• How to claim your business page on Yelp and create a profile that makes people want to call you
• Managing and promoting your Yelp page
• How Yelp can help improve your regular website’s search position
• Why some reviews get suppressed (filtered)
• Tips on earning a 5-star rating from customer
• What to do if you get a bad review to minimize the damage to your reputation
Insurance with David
Join David Pearsall from Business Insurers of the Carolinas as he discusses risk management and insurance for the professional pet sitter as well as general liability, bonding, and workers compensation. David will also report on other coverage’s as well as differences between NAPPS General Liability policy and others available on the market