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John M. Carpenter

John M. Carpenter was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He earned his B.S. degree in engineering science at The Pennsylvania State University in 1957, and his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the University of Michigan in 1963. Carpenter served as professor of nuclear engineering at Michigan from 1964 until 1975, when he moved to Argonne National Laboratory. There, he and his colleagues built and operated the first-ever pulsed spallation neutron sources equipped for neutron scattering, ZING-P and ZING-Pa. These led to IPNS in 1981 and to other sources elsewhere: megawatt-level SNS at ORNL, MRF at JAERI in Japan, and ESS in Sweden, and others of smaller scale, ISIS in the United Kingdom, KENS in Japan, LANSCE at LANL, and SINQ in Switzerland.