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Ignacio Pagonabarraga

Professor I. Pagonabarraga works currently in the Department of Fundamental Physics of the University of Barcelona (Spain), where he also carried out his PhD. He has performed postdoctoral stays at Institute Amolf (Amsterdam) and at the university of Edinburgh and is currently working in the field of soft materials. He has developed new mesosocopic techniques to analyze the dynamics of complex fluids and has used them to study the behavior of such materials out of equilibrium. He has contributed to the undertsanding of the kinetics of phase separation of binary mixture, the dynamics of charged and uncharged colloidal suspensions in confined geometries and porous media, the physics of polydisperse mixtures as well as the dynamics of granular fluids and the fracture processes in such materials. He is interested in the physical properties of materials which show internal activity, as is the case in microorganism suspensions or in subcellular processes involving biofilaments, and also on the control patterns in forced capillary thin fluid films with variable wetting behavior.     [ Click for More ]

University of Barcelona