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Peter Bermel

DR. PETER BERMEL is an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. His research focuses on improving the performance of photovoltaic, thermophotovoltaic, and nonlinear systems using the principles of nanophotonics. Key enabling techniques for his work include electromagnetic and electronic theory, modeling, simulation, fabrication, and characterization.Dr. Bermel is widely-published in bothscientific peer-reviewed journalsandpublications geared towards the general public.His work, which has been cited over 2600 times, for an h-index value of 18, includes the following topics:Understanding and optimizing the detailed mechanisms of light trapping in thin-film photovoltaicsFabricating and characterizing 3D inverse opal photonic crystals made from silicon for photovoltaics, and comparing to theoretical predictionsExplaining key physical effects influencing selective thermal emitters in order to achieve high performance thermophotovoltaic systems

Purdue University