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John Maloney

John K. Maloney is the principal attorney of the firm, specializing in the area of gaming regulatory law. John assists gaming clients in domestic and international markets. This includes representation of gaming vendors, and includes gaming manufactures and distributors in such markets. With more than 31 years in the gaming field, John K. Maloney is a pioneer in gaming law and regulation.  Mr. Maloney spent 8 years with the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board in the Investigations Division and 4 years with the Casino Control Division in Queensland, Australia. This work involved complex forensic accounting investigations of large multinational companies and interactions with law enforcement and regulatory bodies worldwide. Mr. Maloney not only brings his remarkable skills as an experienced jurist to the table, but also his vast knowledge of international finance. Being world renowned, the evident result of his successful, distinctive, and proven talent coupled with decades of knowledge and know-how, Mr.     [ Click for More ]

Law Offices of John K. Maloney, California

Principal and General Counsel