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Marco Sebastiani, PhD

Dr. Marco Sebastiani received a PhD in mechanical and industrial engineering in 2008 from university of Rome “Roma TRE”, studying the design and nano-mechanical behavior of thin multi-layered coatings for advanced mechanical applications, with prof. Edoardo Bemporad.

He was then appointed as an assistant professor of Materials Science at the university of “Roma TRE”, working on the development of innovative methodologies for residual stress assessment in thin films and small scale devices, by the use of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and nanoindentation techniques.

He is lecturer of Materials Science and Engineering for Bioengineering at the university of “Roma TRE” and has been advisor or co-advisor of about ten master/bachelor degree theses.

He is an expert in the research fields of thin films technology, residual stress analysis in nanostructured or amorphous materials and nano-mechanical characterization of small-scale structures and micro-devices, as confirmed by the achieved results in and awards here summarized:

  • the award of a Faculty Position as assistant professor (RTD) at university of “Roma TRE”, which was renewed in 2014;

  • the role of Coordinator and Principal Investigator of the large collaborative project ISTRESS (www.     [ Click for More ]