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Eric Kreidler

Eric Kreidler is a senior scientist at Honda Research Institute, Inc. specializing in electrocatalyst research. His experience spans from dislocation theory and modeling during his graduate work at Ohio State University to his current role as an electrochemist for the past 17 years. Eric's research interests include solid oxide and proton exchange membrane fuel cells as well as next generation battery technologies. He has authored or co-authored 9 journal publications and 12 conference proceedings and holds 11 patents. Abstract:The ongoing study of electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices is of great importance owing to higher possible efficiencies over current combustion technologies for automotive applications. Key to the development of improved electrochemical energy devices is the understanding of electrode behavior under operating conditions. Although traditional electrochemical techniques may be utilized to analyze electrode reactions and post-mortem analysis can provide information on electrode structural changes, these do not provide the ability to directly observe as a function of potential and time the evolution of the electrode surface.     [ Click for More ]

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