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Deb Newberry

Traditionally, and for many industries, measurement of material properties is done at the macro scale. And, similarly students are taught using those measurement tools that measure properties at that scale. However, as momentum increases for exploring, understanding and measuring at the nanoscale, tools created for these functions are required and have been built. This momentum has also resulted in a surge of nanoscale content, through camps, demos, classes and programs at levels from middle school through undergraduate level. In several cases, tools for understanding the world at the nanoscale have been adapted for these grade levels. Yet any tool that is adapted must be able to inform and teach students - independent of age - basic concepts, nuances and develop competencies relevant to the subject. Nanoscale content has been created and an appropriate nanoscale measurement tool developed that can be used to foster understanding, competencies and student outcomes that not only can meet career path requirements but also explain materials science phenomena at the nanoscale.     [ Click for More ]

Dakota County Technical College