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Mehmet Sarikaya

Mehmet Sarikaya, polydisciplinary scientist, technologist, and inventor, is a professor in Materials Sci. & Eng., Chem. Eng. and Oral Health Sci., at U. of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. He has been the Director of ARO-DURINT, '01-'07, and NSF-GEMSEC, '05-'13 centers which help bridge biology and MSE by developing the foundations of a new field Molecular Biomimetics utilizing genetically-coded peptides which are now used as primary building blocks in nano-technology/medicine. He received PhD at UC-Berkeley, and was the ECOTOPIA Institute Prof at Nagoya, and visiting prof at Princeton, ITU, Bilkent, and TiTech. He has organized many meetings, served in review/policy committees, co-authored 7 books and served in editorial boards; he has published 250+ archival papers, presented 300+ invited/keynote talks, and has international patents.

University of Washington