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Avinav Nandgaonkar

Avinav Nandgaonkar is a PhD student in Fiber and Polymer Science from North Carolina State University. He obtained his Master Degree in Textile Engineering (2009-2011) from the same university, where he was a research assistant for two years on a project related to biomaterials. He worked on the Electrospinning of chitosan and studying its rheological properties to prevent the post-surgical adhesion. He started working on another naturally occurring biomaterial called bacterial cellulose in his PhD work. His main focus was on the bio-synthesis of bacterial cellulose, effect of media component, and culture conditions. Later, he worked on the fabrication of tissue engineering scaffold from the already existing extra-cellular matrix morphology of bacterial cellulose. He is currently making the aligned porous scaffold which has high water retaining capacity for cartilage tissue engineering which has been selected for MRS, Fall 2013 meeting.

North Carolina State University