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Yu-Sheng Hsiao

Dr. Yu-Sheng Hsiao obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan) in 2003. He then went on to receive both M.S. (2005) and Ph.D. (2009) degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan). Dr. Yu-Sheng Hsiao is currently an post-doctoral fellow in Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica (Taiwan) in the laboratory of Dr. Peilin Chen and a visiting scholar in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA in the laboratory of Prof. Hsian-Rong Tseng. He has published over 21 papers in international journals. His research focus on organic electronics, as well as the Organic Solar Cells, Organic Field Emitters and Organic Bioelectronic Interfaces.

Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica